Adaptable - Technological - Extremely Compact

FRESAT is the name of the first milling machine made by Protek, it is a work center for Nesting and for the series production of parts and panels of large dimensions. The FRESAT is characterized by ease of use, reduced size and versatility of use. The constant work of Protek researchers has made this model with the minimum size, while maintaining the size of workable panels. This allows the diplacement of the machine from a working site to another. The FRESAT, technologically advanced, is equipped with: a console built into the design and mounted on a guide located on the side of the machine with on-board PC and is equipped with Ethernet connection.


  • Facade cladding
  • Furnishing and interior walls
  • Urban furnishing


  • Packaging
  • Fashion accessories
  • Signs and Digital printin
  • Technical Industry


  • Aluminium Composite materials
  • Aluminium and Aluminum Alloys
  • Resins
  • Plastics
  • Wood
  • Rubber (compact, composite, expanded)

      - Base frame and gantry are made of Electro welded structural steel, machine tops are in phenolic material while working tops are in MDF. The vacuum is secured by two vacuum pumps from 5.5 kW each (based on the size of the machine)
      - Machine is equipped with brushless motors with digital control and encoder installed on the shaft; the parameters of the CN are processed directly by the drives, resulting in higher milling quality
      - Linear ball guides; X and Y axes transmission with helical pinion and rack system while Z is with ball screw. Y axes is a gantry system
      - movements of axis XY-pinion-rack precision Z with ball screw with preloaded. All the axes are connected to the motors, on-axis through gear. Yy axis is a gantry system, while X and Z have a single motor
      - High frequency spindles 9 kW (S6) - 24,000 rpm, air cooled, Tool holder cone hooking system ISO 30 32
      - Automatic tool change, planar type with 11 positions
      - Console integrated into the design, sliding on a guide rail mounted on a side of the machine and complete with PC interface
      - Mitsubishi CNC, all electronics are installed inside the electrical panel located inside the chassis of the machine
      - Tool length measurement and control with Protek Technology
      - Locking of plates and pieces by means of VACUUM technology
      - External tool lubrication system, minimal type
      - A specific swarf extraction system designed for "High Speed" machining

    • - Controle console movable on wheels
      - Phenolic reticulated working top
      - Air Cooling system -10 ° C
      - Vision Systems "VISIOTEK"
      - Probing surface system "FLATNESS"
      - Retractable STOPS
      - Independent DOUBLE HEADS to double productivity
      - Sheet holder for sheet packages machining

    • Electrospindle (Power) 7,5 kW (S6) - 7,5 kW (S1)
      Electrospindle (Rpm) 24.000
      Electrospindle (cone type) ISO 30
      Clearance between the uprights 2060
      Tool changer positions 11
      Tool changing time 12
      Shaving-Shaving time 16
      Vacuum pump power 5,5 kW (each pump)
      Swarf extraction unit power 3 kW
      Rapid speed axes X-Y 45.000 mm/min
      Rapid speed axis Z 20.000 mm/min
      Max working speed 2D 36.000 mm/min
      Max working speed 3D 18.000 mm/min
      Max workable height 75 mm
      Max clearance below gantry 200 mm
      X axis stroke 1550 - 2050 ±10
      Y axis stroke 2050 → 8200 ±10
      Z axis stroke 275/255 mm
      Working top height from ground 950 mm
      Setting ≤ 0,05 mm
      Setting repeatability ≤ 0,03 mm
      Circular interpolation ≤ 0,05 F3000 ⦱ 60
      Resolution 0,001 mm
      max tool shank diameter 20 mm
      max tool diameter 40 mm
      max tool height 120 mm
      Max tool weight 500 g
      CNC Mitsubishi
      Type M700V
      Interpolation 3D
      Vacuum Areas 2015 (1 pump) 2
      Vacuum Areas 3020 (2 pumps) 3
      Vacuum Areas 4020 (2 pumps) 4
      Vacuum Areas 6020 (3 pumps) 6
      Vacuum Areas 8020 (4 pumps) 8