Compact - Strong - Agile

The Compact has been designed to allow the use of a same working surface, but with lower overall dimensions. It 's the ideal machine for working light alloys and plastics. The entire structure is reinforced to ensure the strenght to strong stress and the transmission has been designed so as to allow working with high finishes at a good speed. The Compact is built for you, that you need a strong machine , with good performance, easy to handle and compact size.


  • Mechanical
  • Aerospace/Aeronautical
  • Automotive
  • Rail transport
  • Industrial Packaging


  • Facade claddin
  • Furnishing and interior walls
  • Urban furnishing


  • Aluminium and Aluminum Alloyso
  • Copper and Brass
  • Reinforced plastic materials
  • Composite materials (Carbon, Kevlar and similar)
  • Aluminium Composite materials

      - The frame is made entirely of welded steel thermally stabilized. Machine tops are in Aluminum. Working tops are transpiration type in MDF. The vacuum is secured by two vacuum pumps from 5.5 kW each (based on the size of the machine)
      - AC motors on all axis, rapid traverse speed for X and Y axes 60 m / min, Y axis is Gantry type. Z axis rapid traverse speed is 30 m/min
      - Linear ball guides, helical pinion and rack transmission on X and Y Axes. Ball screw on Z Axis. On X and Y axes there are two linear guides installed at 90 ° between them to ensure greater rigidity and precision
      - High frequency spindles 14,4 kW (S6) - 24,000 rpm, liquid cooled, Tool holder cone hooking system HSK F 63 ER 32
      - Automatic tool change, planar type with 14 positions
      - Mobile console on wheels with Mitsubishi CNC and PC, complete with all the controls for the management of the machine
      - Tool length measurement and control with Protek Technology
      - Locking of plates and pieces by means of VACUUM technology
      - External tool lubrication system, minimal type
      - A specific swarf extraction system designed for "High Speed" machining

    • - Aluminium reticulated working top
      - "Vilmill ®" Working plan for micro parts machining
      - Air Cooling system -10 ° C
      - Vision Systems "VISIOTEK"
      - Probing surface system "FLATNESS"
      - PROBING systems for workpieces (Marposs ®, Renishaw ®, etc.)
      - Raised SUCKERS and retractable STOPS
      - Independent DOUBLE HEADS to double productivity
      - Sheet holder for sheet packages machining
      - Rotating Tool changer on the milling head
      - 4th Axis "C" type for machining with angular heads
      - Movable aspiration bonnet controlled by CNC
      - Angular head holder for Automatic Tool changes

    • Electrospindle (Power) 12 kW (S1) - 14,4 kW (S6)
      Electrospindle (Rpm) 24.000
      Electrospindle (cone type) HSK F 63
      Clearance between the uprights 2140
      Tool changer positions 14
      Tool changing time 7
      Shaving-Shaving time 10
      Vacuum pump power 5,5 kW (each pump)
      Swarf extraction unit power 4 kW
      Rapid speed axes X-Y 60.000 mm/min
      Rapid speed axis Z 30.000 mm/min
      Max working speed 2D 60.000 mm/min
      Max working speed 3D 24.000 mm/min
      Max workable height 210 mm
      Max clearance below gantry 300 mm
      X axis stroke 1550 - 2050 ±20
      Y axis stroke 2025 → 8100 ±20
      Z axis stroke 425 mm
      Working top height from ground 900 mm
      Setting ≤ 0,03 mm
      Setting repeatability ≤ 0,02 mm
      Circular interpolation ≤ 0,03 F3000 ⦱ 60
      Resolution 0,001 mm
      max tool shank diameter 25 mm
      max tool diameter 80 mm
      max tool height 120 mm
      Max tool weight 3 Kg
      CNC Mitsubishi
      Type M700V
      Interpolation 3D
      Vacuum Areas 2015 (1 pump) 2
      Vacuum Areas 3020 (2 pumps) 4
      Vacuum Areas 4020 (2 pumps) 4
      Vacuum Areas 6020 (3 pumps) 8
      Vacuum Areas 8020 (4 pumps) 8