Not All Technologies Are Created Equals


PROTEK designs, develops and produces technologically advanced cutting systems – cutting and milling – precision numerical control machinery to work in various sectors.

PROTEK's technological research is orientated towards the study and implementation of solutions using increasingly lighter and resistant materials, to create a new generation of machinery that manage to combine standardisation and high customisation.


ANALYSIS and technical tests on new materials proposed by the client.
CONSULTANCY on tools to use and the parameters to set for the type of material to work.
SELECTION of tools sub-divided by type of material to work.
TRAINING COURSE after-sales.
SUPPORT continuous 24 hours a day.

Respect for the environment

Electrical energy is produced in the PROTEK plant thanks to a PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEM that covers the entire surface of the roof. This enables reduced CO2 consumption over 50%.

Our Products
• They are built with a low environmental impact
• They enable huge energy savings during use by our clients
• They enable use of recycled materials
• Thanks to their rapidity, they guarantee huge savings in raw materials, time and therefore, energy.

The Products

The vast range of workable materials, the speed and quality of the cut on the Protek Cutting Systems enable considerably increased production times compared to global standards, therefore costing less in terms of raw materials, working time and energy.

All of the above means less overall production costs.

Thanks to the technology of the machines, remote support and sending specialist technicians, if necessary, PROTEK can provide support to clients anywhere.